An Overview

An experienced professional will review your past years’ Accounts Payable files searching for overpayments. Invoices, purchase orders, contracts, agreements, receiving documents and other paperwork are examined for discrepancies. The review is performed in your office or satellite facilities to maintain confidentiality.

Our reviews require minimal Accounts Payable involvement. We will maintain your records in an organized manner. Discovered overpayments are discussed with you at your convenience, before the vendor is contacted. The vendor will then be contacted, and arrangements made for the overpayments to be credited or refunded to your company. Our fees become due once the monies have been recovered and deposited in your bank. Our fee is based on a percentage of recovered monies. At the conclusion of the accounts payable review, we will provide a written report listing recoveries and recommendations to improve processes, procedures and efficiencies

Getting Started

The initial consultation begins by addressing your questions and concerns. Then, we briefly review your business and your Accounts Payable systems and procedures. We determine which years will be reviewed, where the review will be preformed, and the approximate start and finish dates. And, finally our agreement is put in writing and signed.

Beginning the Review

At the beginning of the review a brief overview from the Accounts Payable Manager is very helpful. We work hard at not interrupting your work schedule, but may have an occasional question. We will gladly provide updates as the review proceeds.

Overpayments and Vendor Contact

We discuss discovered overpayments with you and, after receiving your approval, contact the vendor. We exercise sound judgment and sensitivity in dealing with your vendors. We are courteous and professional.

Recovering Your Overpayments

We contact the vendor by telephone after receiving your approval, and verify the overpayment with the vendor. We encourage the vendor to allow your company to deduct a credit memo since you effectively receive your money right away. Otherwise, a check is requested. Our fee becomes due once the credit memos have been deducted or the monies have been recovered and deposited in your bank. Our fee is based on a percentage of recovered monies.

Final A/P Recovery Review Report

In addition to maximizing recoveries of overpayments, we help to eliminate future discrepancies and to increase efficiencies. The Final Review Report includes recommendations for practical enhancements to your processes and procedures. Recoveries are listed with copies of supporting documentation for your reference. We will gladly make ourselves available to discuss our recommendations.

Assistance Required from Client

Our needs are simple: Access to Accounts Payable files and vendor agreements; contact with personnel from Accounts Payable and Purchasing; workspace; and the use of a copier, telephone and fax.


Our fee is based on a percentage of monies recovered. There are no costs to your company for the review. A/P Review, Inc. assumes all the risk. Your company pays nothing if no monies are recovered. Your company can only save money.

Your Benefits

  • Increase Profits
  • Improve Procedures
  • Verify Controls
  • Prevent Future Loss of Profits
  • Increase Efficiencies

Recover your company’s monies, those sitting in prior years’ inactive records.


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