Would you like more ideas to reduce cost and save money?

Today’s competitive environment requires companies to reduce cost to remain viable. Sales price increases are virtually impossible to implement, and to offset the effects of cost increases, companies are reducing cost.

It is estimated that the average company can reduce cost by 0.5% to 1.0% of revenue by implementing cost savings ideas identified through our Accounts Payable Cost Savings Review.

Is your company doing everything to reduce cost?

One significant method of identifying cost savings opportunities is to review your paid invoices. An experienced reviewer is able to identify areas where quick and simple changes can be implemented to reduce cost.

Possible reasons why cost savings opportunities remain unidentified or not implemented:

  1. Employees
  • Employees are too busy.
  • Employees lack initiative.
  1. Management
  • Managers are unaware of methods to identify cost savings opportunities.
  • Management has not empowered employees.
  • Managers believe they have done everything possible to reduce cost and stop looking for opportunities.
  • Management is unaware of what exactly is being bought.
  • Companies usually measure cost against budgets and prior year’s expenses. These measurements fail to identify unnecessary cost.
  • Most of the significant, easy-to-implement cost savings ideas have been implemented. Managers believe they have more important tasks, and forego the smaller savings opportunities. They fail to realize that smaller savings add-up quickly.

Experience Shows

Our experience shows the average company can save $5,000 to $10,000 for every $1 million of revenue by implementing cost savings ideas identified through our Accounts Payable Cost Savings Review. Some companies can save even more. There are no up-front costs. Our fee is based on a percentage of cost savings ideas implemented. Your company can only save money. Only minimal Accounts Payable and management involvement is required.

A/P Review, Inc. for cost savings opportunities that improve your company’s bottom line.


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