Best Chisel Sets

Last Update: August 12, 2021

Best Chisel Sets

A good set of chisels is an absolute must for both amateur and professional woodworkers. The DIY enthusiast will also find them invaluable for dozens of jobs around the home and yard.

People looking to buy a set of chisels have a huge choice, from economical models for the home user and contractor to specialist tools for makers of fine furniture. You might not think there is much to consider – after all, a chisel is just a handle and a blade – but there are a number of options that impact tool quality and price.

To help you, we have conducted extensive research and listed below some crucial factors that you must consider before settling on a wood chisel.

Types of Wood Chisels

Some wood chisel sets come with all of the below chisel types, while others might exclude one or more types for whatever reason. Make sure you know what types of wood chisels you need so you don’t buy a set that excludes a crucial tool.

Bench Chisels

These are all-purpose and are the baseline chisels from which others diverge. It can be used for chopping and paring wooden workpieces, and they often come in several different shapes. Some have beveled edges, while others are firm or “registered”.

Mortise Chisels

These chisels are ideal for heavier chopping and chiseling of workpieces. They’re sometimes spelled as “mortice” chisels.

Paring Chisels

As their name suggests, these are ideal for paring wood down and are much more delicate than mortise chisels. They can carefully slice through wooden workpieces and often use thinner but sharper steel. Make sure that you never strike these chisels with a mallet and only use your hands – you might break the blade otherwise.

Firmer (rectangular) Chisels

They are a type of bench chisel and share the same blade shape. However, while a “standard” bench chisel is a hand tool, a firmer chisel is designed to be used with a mallet. As a result, this chisel usually has a handle with a flatter end for striking and a steel band to prevent the wooden handle from splitting. In practice, the name “firmer” isn’t widely used.

Features to Consider Before Buying

You are probably wondering, what aspects should you concentrate after scratching the list to narrow down your research? Hence, to help you make an intelligent and informative choice, we have developed a definitive guideline.


The size of the chisels mainly depends on where you are going to use it. However, larger and smaller tools offer you different facilities. With that said, if you want to work on smaller projects flexibly and with details, then small chisels can be the best choice for you. Moreover, larger ones offer you more leverage in massive projects. Thus, the type of work will be deciding what size you require for it.

Blade Quality

The most important feature of a wood chisel is the quality of its blade. So, enormous features get wasted when it does not provide a high-quality edge.

A quality blade has a lot to offer. It can hold the handle well, even if you use it very often.

Besides, many people consider that blades are sharpened by themselves are better than pre-sharpened blades. It is indeed a wrong perception because pre-sharpened weapons are versatile.

Moreover, if you need to sharpen your edge by yourself, then it means the company does not perform its service well. It is better to avoid buying those products, which has a frequent complaint about sharpening.


There are various numbers of wood chisels available in the market, and those are manufactured according to different work types. Furthermore, beginners might start with standard blades, but professionals need a skilled accent on their work. So, there are vast options for them.

Overall Quality

Even though you are sure to get the best quality blade, never forget to consider the quality of handles. The handle is another significant part of a wood chisel.

Most of the durable handles are wooden. And also, there are plastic handles, and those are worse. The plastic handles are not sustainable and often less comfortable.

Our Top Picks

With so many factors and options to consider, it’s easy to be left in a state of analysis paralysis when shopping for the best wood chisels. That’s why we’ve included our top picks in several key categories to help take the guesswork out of your decision. We’ve incorporated our key considerations in making these selections, and found those with the most outstanding value for the money.

1. Dewalt Side Strike Wood Chisels

Dewalt Side Strike Wood Chisels

If you’re doing demolition or a renovation, then you’ll want a set of chisels that’s tough for any type of construction or woodworking that you’ll be working on. One of the best wood chisel sets you can use for construction is the Dewalt Side Strike Chisel Set. The Dewalt Side Strike Wood Chisel Set features a 3 piece set of chisels.

The chisel blades come in 3 sizes, such as ¾ inch, 1-inch, and 1 ¼ inch so that you’ll always have a chisel that’s the right size for your project. The Side Strike Chisels come with serrated edges that can be used for sawing through wood. The serrated edge feature is handy if you want to even out the wood’s corners that you’re chiselling or if you need to notch out the wood. With the Side Strike Chisels, you’ll be able to hold the chisels and hammer them with ease because of the ergonomic handles.

It comes with a curved handle, making it easier for you to grip the handle while you’re chiselling. This will help you get a grip and prevent the chisel from slipping and cutting you. The Side Strike Chisels come with a lifetime warranty on quality. This is primarily due to the blades which are made from hardened, high-carbon steel which is very durable and can stand up to abuse and lots of use.

2. Narex Woodworking Chisels

Narex Woodworking Chisels

The Narex Woodworking Chisels 863010 is an inexpensive package that has whatever you need to work at home or the workshop. Narex 863010 woodworking chisel sets are chrome-manganese metal, one of the hardest metal alloys you’ll find. It does an amazingly accurate method of holding the edge smooth. These chisels have an all-timber handle twisted in near vicinity to keep the tools free to use for a hammer or a wooden mace. To mount the blades, the Narex highlights its metal alloy. It is also heavier than carbon steel and has cleaner points.

Manganese avoids corrosion without the use of a surface, thereby rendering this kit heat tolerant. The handle consists of lacquered European Beechwood that is responsive to shock and maintains its durability. These woodworking chisels are well-finished, allowing a strong and secure grip. The angle of the slope is suitable for keeping the sharpness of the edges. It also helps remove most wood.

3. Hurricane 4-Piece Wood Chisel Set

Hurricane 4-Piece Wood Chisel Set

The Hurricane brand is known for its striking, yet reliable handles, and this set doesn’t disappoint. The handles of the tools are made from high-impact transparent PVC and detailed for additional texture and grip. Most of all, their construction comes in unbeatable quality and they can even stabilize vibrations when hit by a heavy mallet. You can pound on them all day and they’ll still be in perfect condition.

Furthermore, the forged chrome-vanadium steel blades of the set come with rather decent sharpness. The chisels feature narrow beveled edges which give you great control over your movements. Each one produces precise cuts and carving actions which is great for sensitive projects. Moreover, the smallest size can also serve as a paring chisel tool.

The 1/4″,1/2”, 3/4”, and 1” chisels are ready to use right after opening the box, though a good 10-minute sharpening is needed to better hone the blades. The blades have undergone heat treatments to give them good edge retention. However, while the edges work really great for wood, we just noticed that it could easily chip when dropped or used for extremely hard objects. With this, proper care is needed to promote the longevity of the entire set.

4. Stanley 16-150 3-Piece Wood Chisel Kit

Stanley 16-150 3-Piece Wood Chisel Kit

If you are looking for an extremely affordable set, you should go for the Stanley 15-150 3-Piece set. These chisels are excellent for two or three projects, but do not expect to use them for a longer period of time.

This is not a good choice for people working frequently with them, but would satisfy the needs of some household occasional tasks. The only great thing about this set is its price.

It is true that the blades are lacquered for rust resistance and you will be able to sharpen the chisel all the way up to the hilt, but the fact that these chisels hold an edge poorly diminishes its worth.

5. WORKPRO 3-piece Wood Chisel Set

WORKPRO 3-piece Wood Chisel Set

Are you looking for tools to carve wood of any thickness to decorate your house with wooden showpieces or fulfill other purposes? If you are not a professional, then you can grasp the WORKPRO 3-piece Wood Chisel Set to let your talent burst out.

To maintain the sharpness by ensuring proper inclination of the bevel edge, it is heat tempered. The mixture of chrome and vanadium to steel strengthens the physical ability of the blades.

Being stronger, more robust, and harder, it can bear frequent usage over the wood of any depth. Weather cannot cause rust over the surfaces and make these blunt easily.

Whenever necessary, you can use a hammer to hit the end of the tools to produce your desired artifacts. The equipment is designed in a way to be able to withstand force upon them.

These will not get disfigured with such blows. To be able to grip the handles for a long time comfortably, these are made up of suitable materials. Amidst working, the handles will not skid off your hands and cause accidents.

How Many Chisels Do You Need?

For a more serious answer, it’s always a good idea to have one or two extra chisels just in case your primary tools break or become lost and you still need to finish a workpiece. Nothing can ruin a day more than needing to pare down a workpiece, only for your only paring chisel to be left at a worksite 45 minutes away. Having an extra chisel on hand can be a lifesaver in this case.

At the same time, there’s no need to pay for so many chisels that you’ll never use unless you’re buying a set to be shared between a few woodworkers.

If you’re looking for a good beginner’s set, it’s never a bad idea to pick up a set of 3-10 wood chisels. The set should have a few different types of chisels with varying sizes of blades. In short, this will offer you enough versatility that you can complete most workpieces for your job or hobby without needing to buy another specialty chisel, or at least not right away.

A good, basic chisel set should have tools measured for 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch or 5/8 inch, 3/4 inch, and 1 inch or 1 and 1/4 inch. This will give you blades of variable sizes you can use for tons of chiseling tasks.

It’s often a good idea to look at a wood chisel set that has a few staple sizes that you can then add to as necessary. For instance, once you have a set of all the basic sizes, you can purchase individual chisels with more exact sizes (say, 7/8 inch). The value of having a chisel set in the first place is having all the more basic tools you need to accomplish typical chiseling tasks.


Naturally, a tool as versatile as a wood chisel will come with its fair share of questions. Here are the answers to some of the common questions.

How to sharpen a wood chisel?

A wood chisel can be sharpened with a sharpening stone, usually made of aluminum oxide. For better sharpness, you must sharpen the blade at a 25 to 30-degree angle.

What type of mallet can I use for wood chisels?

Ideally, you should never use a metal mallet to pound your wood chisels as it can cause damage to the chisel tool itself. With this, it is better to use wooden, plastic, or rubber mallet. On the other hand, a wood chisel with PVC handle can withstand heavy mallets, though you still need to be careful in using them.

What material is preferable for the handle?

Quality handles are mostly wooden. It is durable as well as offers you a comfortable grip. Besides, there are plastic handles which are less efficient as it ends up creating very high center gravity.

Final Thoughts

It can be difficult for you to figure out which one is suitable for you, among these various types of chisels. However, if you are a beginner, then it is always better to start with a bench or butt chisel. Our list of the best wood chisels is an expert recommendation, and we believe each of them is worth investing.

However, as there is a variety of options, so we recommend considering your purpose before purchasing the product. Therefore, if you are working on extensive projects, then go for professional tier tools.