Best Saw Horses

Last Update: August 9, 2021

Best Saw Horses

Every woodworker needs the right work surface to get the job done. Many carpentry experts use work tables and stands but there are times when a table just won’t accommodate your needs, particularly when it comes to cutting large pieces of wood or working outdoors.

Saw horses are versatile tools that can be used for far more than just cutting wood. They can serve as a work bench and they can easily be moved around to be used wherever you need them. The nice thing is that the best sawhorses can be folded and made compact for storage purposes as well.

Sawhorses also pinch-hit when you want to set up a makeshift worktable just about anywhere. Place a length of plywood or a large board atop two trusty sawhorses and you can get busy inside the house, in the backyard, or at any job site where you want work supplies close at hand and off the ground.

Plus, some sawhorses go beyond the basics with designs that simplify cutting firewood or that make it a cinch to clamp large objects securely.

Read on to familiarize yourself with the best sawhorse features before you buy and below, check out our selection of top-rated models.

Types of Sawhorses

Saw horses come in many different materials including wood, plastic, and metal. Some are foldable and collapsable for easy portability and storage, and other larger models are meant to have their own stationary corner in your workshop—the best option if it sees daily use.

Other saw horses have their own storage space and shelves to accommodate the tools used on it regularly, and sawhorse workbenches have a table-top design enabling you to use it for other types of work too, no matter how big and small. Another handy feature on a sawhorse would be an adjustable height that can adapt to the height of the user and the size of the material being worked on.

Buyer’s Guide (Key Considerations)

Saw Horses are four-legged beams that provide you with the support required to complete different kinds of woodworking projects. This easy-to-setup and easy-to-use woodworking stand can be used singly or paired with another saw-horse to form a scaffold. Here, our primary objective is to help you choose the best saw-horse for your needs. So whether you are a DIYer, Pro, or Amateur woodworker looking to get a saw-horse, follow us as we show you everything you need to know about Saw Horses.

Weight Capacity

One of the things you will want to pay attention to is the weight capacity. Most sawhorses are designed to hold 1,000 or more lbs. but you will still want to pay attention. Even though some will hold what they say, they may not hold up for extended periods so just be mindful of the material of which they are made and whether that number is reliable.

Be sure to choose a sawhorse pair that will hold the weight you need. If in doubt, we recommend choosing something heavy-duty that will accommodate hefty sizes.

Portability and Storage

One thing you may want to keep in mind is the storage space you have for your sawhorses. Think of this in relation to whether or not you need them to be portable or not. Some options have folding legs that turn them into only 2.5 inches in height packed into the tabletop.

Just be sure that you understand the storage and portability features. Some sawhorses also offer additional storage like hooks and shelves, which makes a nice feature as well.

Sawhorse Material

Traditionally, a sawhorse is made from wood which provides a strong and sturdy base for your DIY projects. It is possible to build your own pair of Sawhorses form wood, providing you have the right materials. Other brands have brought out a range of strong metal Sawhorse, holding up to 1,400 lbs of weight while different brands have created plastic Sawhorses, being able to hold large capacities and providing strength through specific durable designs.

Regardless of the material used to produce your Sawhorse, you can rest assured that the maximum capacity indicated by the manufacturer will provide sufficient strength for you and your project.


The most inexpensive type of Sawhorse to purchase is a plastic Sawhorse, being priced in the region of $20 – $30. For this price, you will receive a strong Sawhorse which may be foldable and compact. The more expensive Sawhorses are the metal tools, with some of the most expensive varieties providing adjustable heights and additional features. A metal Sawhorse may be priced at around the $80 price bracket and may feature folding legs. When considering which Sawhorse to purchase, think about what you will use the Sawhorse for.

If you intend to use the Sawhorse for occasional, medium use then a plastic Sawhorse may be sufficient, being able to fold away and store, ready for your next use. However, if you are going to use the Sawhorse regularly and for heavy loads, then a more expensive metal tool may be beneficial. You could build your own Sawhorse from a selection of wood although your hand-made Sawhorse would not be foldable and so may cause you to have storage problems.

Additional Features

If you understand the basics of a sawhorse, you know that at one time they were wood planks that were held together by hinges. They were considerable in size and they often had to be taken apart or transported awkwardly. Sawhorses have come a long way since that time.

You know that the basic function is to provide you a stable work surface. However, there are some additional features that you may want to consider as they come in handy. Here are a few things to think about.

  • Built-in shelf
  • Lightweight aluminum construction (heavy-duty and lightweight)
  • Clamping sawhorse features
  • Durability of materials
  • Hooks
  • Saw settings

What Is Different Between Sawhorse And Bench?

You will easily confuse a bench and a sawhorse, both are mostly the same but still have their unique advances. The traditional bench seems to be bulky and static, while the sawhorse has many characteristics.

A sawhorse can weight or light, which is made of solid materials and utilizes adjustable height. It is capable of carrying a ton of items while being mobile.

Our Top Picks

I will show you the real capacities as well as the essential factors of the best sawhorses. Through my chart below, you will have a closer look at the product’s main points that will straightforward link to the criteria of your ideal sawhorse.

1. WORX Clamping Sawhorse Pair

WORX Clamping Sawhorse Pair

Worx is a world-renowned brand in the field of construction and power tools. Every other product of the company ‘Worx’ great because of its durability and ease of use. This pair of clamping sawhorse is an excellent addition to that line and the perfect addition to your workspace, which enhances your workflow with its outstanding durability and flexibility.

To begin with, the sawhorse is equally durable and lightweight. Worx achieves this problematic feat by including thermoplastic polyester in the build material that can withstand up to 1000 lbs when the sawhorse is used in a pair. Also, there are two detachable bar clamps which you can fix horizontally or vertically, depending on your project needs.

One feature that any DIY’er or professional would equally enjoy is its 2.5 inches folded depth and a maximum clamping width of 18 inches. It gives you a large surface area to place all your tools and project materials on. And the built-in shelf and the cord hooks, all add to the storage and convenience quotient of the sawhorse.

2. DeWalt DWX725 Miter Saw Stand

DeWalt DWX725 Miter Saw Stand

This DeWalt heavy duty work stand is one of the best folding saw horses that pairs perfectly with your miter saw. Made of lightweight aluminum, it may not seem very durable, but its 1000-pound weight capacity per horse says otherwise.

At 15.4 pounds, the stand is highly portable. The folding legs are designed to provide excellent support and feature leg lock levers to ensure it opens quick and won’t fold on the job. A transport latch allows you to link two stands together for easy storage or during transport.

Oddly enough, most of the things people love are also the things they hate with this stand. This is because the DWX725 has many optional features that require separate purchases.

3. Bora Portamate Speehorse Sawhorses Pair

Bora Portamate Speehorse Sawhorses Pair

This is a another heavy-duty option that costs a bit more but certainly won’t disappoint. This option does come with 2 sawhorses that are build to be heavy-duty and provide for your needs. It is one of the best sawhorses on the market but it’s not from a known brand name and there’s limited information to stand behind just yet.

These folding sawhorses won’t let you down with their adjustable legs and folding maneuver that makes the sawhorses quite compact for transport. These sawhorses are also equipped with a quick-release setup that makes unfolding it just as simply as folding it.

These have a heavy-duty weight capacity with the ability to support weight up to 2,000 pounds. These sawhorses also have a pre-drilled top so you can screw in other boards to make a tabletop. They have support arms for your 2 x 4’s as well.

The size of this hack saw is pretty large, so ergonomically, it is going to be very useful for you. But handling it in tight spaces is not going to work very well. The blade adjustment is pretty simple with the knob too.

4. Target Precision RB-H1034, Rugged Buddy Legs Folding Sawhorse

Target Precision RB-H1034, Rugged Buddy Legs Folding Sawhorse

This is one of the options where you buy just the leg set and add your own 2-by-4 to make it into a sawhorse. That allows you to decide how long you want the sawhorse to be, along with making it easy to replace the most easily damaged part of the sawhorse, once you’ve cut into it a few too many times. The legs fold flat to the top, but don’t collapse inwardly to make it a narrow package.

However, that helps maintain the strength of the sawhorse, which will support 1,000 pounds (each). Each set of legs weighs 12 pounds, so fully assembled this one will be a touch lighter than the DeWalt. Please note that the price is for enough legs to make one sawhorse.

5. Trojan TS-35 35 Tall Sawhorse

Trojan TS-35 35 Tall Sawhorse

Trojan TS-35 35tall sawhorse is the strongest, most rugged sawhorse making it one of the best portable saw horses in the market. It has 35″ metal arms that are capable of supporting a colossal weight. The legs come in different angles, including ⅛” x 1, ¼” x 1, and ¼” that are long-lasting and enhance durability.

The TS-35 design has 2x gripping teeth clamp that you can connect as a cross member without any screws or nails. Additionally, you can also adjust the height and length of your sawhorse to your desired size.

Although this tool is lightweight, it’s robust and sturdy. Thus it guarantees you a more extended usage period. This tool doesn’t come with a complicated body, and therefore it’s effortless to set up. Besides that, the TS-35 can completely fold, making it easy for you to carry around for different projects.

With this unit, you are not at risk of cutting your sawhorse or spoiling the cutting machine’s blade. The appreciation goes to its ⅛” thick welded steel construction. It’s powder-coated to ensure maximum durability and permanence- This coating also provides the objection against wear and tear, thus rendering the tool usable in vast weather and job site conditions.

How to Use a Sawhorse?

When you need to cut a piece of material, you need to create an effective working space. This may not be possible without the use of Sawhorses. Place two Sawhorses a certain width apart and place your material on top, going across both of the Sawhorses. Ensure that the material is secure and safe and then continue with your project. The main aim of a Sawhorse is to provide the user with an elevated work surface, offering ease of use and a safe working environment, regardless of your project or your aims.


How Tall are Sawhorses?

Most saw horses are built to stand somewhere between 26 and 32 inches. It can vary by model so check the one you are purchasing for specific details. Many of them also have adjustable legs so you can change the height as needed.

How Much Does a Saw Horse Cost?

DIYers and hobbyists who work with light wood panels can expect to spend as low as $20 to $30 on saw tables with a load-carrying capacity of up to 800 pounds. However, if you are a professional or an amateur woodworker that needs a saw-horse with features like folding legs, heavy load handling capacity, and other added features, then, your budget should be above $100.

Are Foldable Saw Horses Safe?

Many manufacturers who are into the production of foldable saw horses always include a leg lock that keeps the leg of the saw-horse secure when in the open. So, you can be sure that foldable saw-horses are safe.

Is plastic viable if they tip over?

Lightweight sawhorses can tip over, but that’s only when applied pressure horizontally. Moreover, once you’ve placed your materials on top of them, the added weight means they won’t tip over anymore. So, it’s only ever a slight annoyance when setting up.


Portable sawhorses have eradicated the use of bulky tools for support purposes. Most of them do not require assembling- Hence saves you time and energy. Besides, they can easily fold to enhance portability and for storage purposes.

With all this information on the best portable saw horses, I wish you a productive decision that will see you choosing the best tool for your working experience.